About Us

AC Service Center - Someone who is good at everything. Literally EVERYTHING.
AC Service Center brings the simplest of experts in Home Services, Home maintenance, Appliances repairs, Utility services, Lifestyle services, Beauty services, Medical services, Repair & Maintenance, and other professional local service experts, local bill payments, and an area marketplace for shopping, right to your home or where you would like us to. With an outsized service provider base, on-time services, flexible pricing, and repair guarantee, ac service center ensure that you simply get the simplest of services.
Our services include,
Home Appliance Repairs: Computer, Laptop, Tablets, Mobile Phones, air conditioning, Refrigerator, Television, microwave, Gas Stove, Chimney, washer, device, and other electronic appliances
We are constantly performing on updating our services, and increasing our service network,
so switching on your location makes it easier for you and us, However, please be assured that we cannot access any of your personal information or media in your phone.
All the above accesses are just for the aim of the logical functioning of our services. We access your data or share any of your personal information with any outsider. Your privacy is as important to us as ours!
Uncomplicate life!

Customer Care Number: +91 98855783328

Email: dynamicelectronics.services@gmail.com